Here’s What Our Customer Have Been sayings About Us

The key to success in an online business is to have a Reliable and Secure Fast web hosting service with 99.99% server uptime.


Web Designer

If you are looking for a reliable and fast Linux dedicated web hosting to run your business, then take advantage of BlueHill Hosting with their 30 days free trial, which I tried and hosted my blog. I end up selecting them as our permanent web host. I am very happy with the service they provide without any downtime and lot of free addons. They offer a risk free Web hosting trial without paying any money or long-term commitments. I recommend them to host any kind of website.



The dedicated servers are required and needed for every business. I tried many companies and moved my services to BlueHillHosting last year. I received unlimited network bandwidth, dedicated IP, and full Admin ROOT access to manage my web application. Also, I have complete control of my Blue VPS server, and not even the web hosting company can see my data. I have complete control over my data, and no one can access my Server without my permission because I am the ROOT user, and all the services are managed by me only. The Server I purchased is a Fully Self Service server. Its fully secured by the DooS ``Denial of Service Attacks.`` DooS protect a free service that comes as a free addon. I am pleased with the service I got, and I am only paying a few pennies per day to own this service.

What our Customers are Saying

Try Free 30 day WooCommerce web Hosting without any questions asked or asking for a credit card.


Web Owner

I purchased a ``Choice Plus`` Shared hosting plan, which came with a free Domain and many free WordPress themes, which are required to build a professional quality website. The added advantage of using WordPress is ready-to-use themes and millions of plugins with tons of features that can make your website rank top on the google search results. I saved a lot of my time, money, and Hassel by switching to BlueHill Hosting.


App Developer

I purchased .COM Domain name from BlueHill Hosting this year at a very low price of $2.99/year for the 1st year, and then I also switched my web hosting services from another branded company where I used to pay a lot of money for limited bandwidth. I got unlimited bandwidth from BlueHill Hosting with Denial of access attack ``DooS`` as free website protection, a paid service with other web hosting providers. The storage used is also SSD.


Front End Developer

For the last seven months, I have hosted my eCommerce site on BlueHill Hosting eCommerce hosting plans. I am delighted with the hosting speed and security. The most important thing is that they offer effortless WooCommerce plan upgrades without issues with 1-Click without answering multiple errors or coding. The WooCommerce services they are offering are user-friendly. I am accepting online credit card payments using multiple payment methods.

Here’s What Our Customer Have Been sayings About Us

Try Free 30-day WordPress Pro web Hosting 100% free without the need for a credit card.

I am a 1st-time website owner, and it's my 1st website blog, which I hosted and created 1st time myself with the help of the BlueHill Choice Plus Hosting plan. The customer tech support was beneficial and quickly resolved my issues and effortlessly answered my questions. Anyone with no web design background could understand and start their website quickly. I recommend the Blue services to everyone looking to have their website running in a few minutes without any tech knowledge from anyone.


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